Certified Training

In-house classroom and two-story flood house.

As professionals, we are in the game right now!

To be on top, it takes constant training, conditioning and the right equipment. Our customers take us seriously because they know that our team are some of the best trained in the industry because they are not only being trained, but are certified trainers themselves.

With one of the only two-story flood houses in the country, our on-site training and test facility is world-class and helps us constantly update and fine-tune our skills like a professional athlete.

Our in-house education program includes:
• Hands-On WRT Certification Training Class
• Hands-On ASD Applied Structural Drying
• Environmental
• Content Restoration
• Large Loss Specialist
• Continuing Education Classes

Personal documents and photos.

There is always room for improvement. Our education system and programs don’t just teach the standard. By constantly seeking challenges on which to improve, we are the standard.

We’re the best because we train that way.