Equipment Arsenal

One of North America's largest private stocks of professional grade equipment.

When a loss occurs, whether fire, flood, wind or contaminant, a critical difference between recovery and complete loss is the timeliness in which recovery begins.

The longer property goes unserviced, the longer the effects of the damage are amplified. In fact, in mere hours a water loss can develop an additional toxic mold growth adding time to the recovery, adding cost to the project, making the property uninhabitable (at least temporarily) and leading to the possibility of diminished property value.

From dryers to industrial desiccants, thousands of pieces of equipment in-stock and at the ready means reliable, on-time service where and when you need it. Our equipment is strategically positioned throughout our operating area to ensure that even logistic and delivery time delay is compressed as much as possible.

In this way, ALL CLEAR RESTORATION is uniquely positioned to ensure that our equipment is both available and at arm’s reach for our professional team to minimize damage and gets your property back to normal as fast as possible.

The right equipment for any restoration or remediation project.

From a single drying fan to a fleet of heavy plant equipment. ALL CLEAR has your loss covered for immediate service.