Temporary Power

In-house temporary emergency power supply.

As a part of our massive inventory of professional-grade restoration equipment, we also house enough power generators to ensure that even in the event of a regional power grid failure such as Hurricane Katrina or the East Coast shutdown in 2004, we can continue providing the same level of service to all our customers without interruption.

Power is a critical part of ensuring recovery happens as and when expected. It is also the place where many service providers fail, relying on the availability of rental equipment with enough size and quality to do the job. In large events, especially catastrophic failures, unless a company brings it with them, there is no way to acquire generators due to the huge increase in demand on limited inventory.

At ALL CLEAR, part of ensuring we are one of the leading restoration companies in the industry includes ensuring that we are completely self-sufficient and that includes arriving with our own temporary power supply.

You can always rely on ALL CLEAR to be ready and able to handle even your largest losses at a moment’s notice.

A huge supply of temporary power solutions for every project need.


It’s that simple.