No one ever thinks it will happen to them, Dut it does, thats a near certainty. When you take advantage of the ALL CLEAR Safety Net Program for our pre-event consultation services, your are bringing over four decades of powerful disaster planning experience direct to your door.

We will take the time to visit and walk-through your entire facility so that we can fully understand the impact that any type of disaster would have on your operations.

We can accurately pre-determine what resources will be required to quickly return your business to full operating capacity. This not only includes evaluating the equipment and supplies needed, but we deliver an action plan for your team to use during the first moments of an event.

  • Building inspections, including emergency shut-off systems
  • Emergency service equipment evaluations to ensure priority availability for your location
  • Emergency generator calculations and determinations
  • Coordinate trades such as plumbers, HVAC, janitorial, cleaning, elevator, etc.
  • Develop local authorities and key contact lists
  • Provide maintenance management training where needed.


By planning properly the actual impact on your property and life can be significantly decreased.