Document Restoration

Information is power. Without access to your company’s records and documents, you could find yourself out of business.

ALL CLEAR delivers world-class document restoration quickly and accurately to get you back in operation as soon as possible. Time is money. Whether it’s a simple drying of a filing cabinet or an entire storage room needing to be completely reproduced, our professional team has the experience to get it done quickly and cost effectively.

Privacy is always a concern. Your business documents can contain information that others have provided in confidence, as well as sensitive strategic information about your business. ALL CLEAR takes the utmost care to ensure all of your documents are securely protected throughout the restoration process.

Document restoration and reproduction can be processed on-site or moved to one of our off-site facilities, pending the document type or condition. 

It’s not just some piles of old files, it’s the lifeblood of your company. We understand this better than anyone and we will bring your documents back to life again.

The Right Partner when,
business is on the line