Government & Institutional Services

Large-scale disasters present specific challenges. At ALL CLEAR, we exceed the expected outcome of these challenges by providing the experience and the most innovative services available.

Whether the project is a small restoration or a multi-million dollar catastrophe, ALL CLEAR stands ready to help any government office or institution. Our in-house stock of state-of-the-art equipment is one of the largest in the industry allowing ALL CLEAR to handle virtually any project.

We concentrate on minimizing business interruption so that post-incident productivity can be maximized. Our goal is to expedite recovery and to minimize risk and residual losses.

As most offices are open to the public, ALL CLEAR makes safety procedures a top priority. We use certified engineering firms that can attend to a site within hours to ensure public safety.

Where health services come into play, ALL CLEAR uses negative air pressure in combination with HEPA filters to provide a clean and safe environment for the public and employees alike.

The Right Partner when,
business is on the line