Specialty Drying

Distress is the only word to describe the feeling when your property has been damaged, regardless of the magnitude. ALL CLEAR has one principal focus when helping people cope with damages, we stop your anxiety… immediately. This is what drives us.

Fires, floods, broken pipes or severe weather can cause thousands of dollars in damages in a very short time. ALL CLEAR brings the equipment and services needed to maximize the preservation of your property. With one call, our professional and caring team can be at your location within hours. This response time is crucial for limiting residual damages.

Our diverse range of state-of-the-art equipment allows the ALL CLEAR team to expedite the completion of your restoration. This includes a fleet of large-scale desiccant dehumidification units which have been custom built to our exacting standards, optimized for performance and capable of simultaneously drying millions of square feet.

We are one of the largest specialized drying firms in North America.

The Right Partner when,
business is on the line