Distress is the only word to describe the feeling of a damaged home, regardless of the magnitude. ALL CLEAR RESTORATION has one principal focus when helping people cope with household damages – to stop anxiety… immediately. This is what drives us.

Fires, floods, broken pipes or severe weather can cause thousands of dollars in property damages in a very short time. ALL CLEAR brings the equipment and services needed to maximize the preservation of residential property. With one call, our professional and caring team will immediately be on-site. This response time is crucial for limiting residual damages. 

The ALL CLEAR team is prepared with 24 hour emergency response services, 365 days a year. 
Our diverse range of state-of-the-art equipment allows the ALL CLEAR team to expedite the completion of your home restoration. Unlike other companies, we don’t use destructive methods which may result in costly, unnecessary repairs.

Government & Institutional Services

Large-scale disasters present specific challenges. At ALL CLEAR, we exceed the expected outcome of these challenges by providing the experience and the most innovative services available.

Whether the project is a small restoration or a multi-million dollar catastrophe, ALL CLEAR stands ready to help any government office or institution. Our in-house stock of state-of-the-art equipment is one of the largest in the industry allowing ALL CLEAR to handle virtually any project.

We concentrate on minimizing business interruption so that post-incident productivity can be maximized. Our goal is to expedite recovery and to minimize risk and residual losses.

As most offices are open to the public, ALL CLEAR makes safety procedures a top priority. We use certified engineering firms that can attend to a site within hours to ensure public safety.

Where health services come into play, ALL CLEAR uses negative air pressure in combination with HEPA filters to provide a clean and safe environment for the public and employees alike.

Hospitality & Resorts

A large part of our customer base at ALL CLEAR RESTORATION are the hospitality related businesses and resorts throughout the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal areas of America. Tourism customers, both domestic and international, can be a fickle group of people. Especially today, with the ever increasing impact of social media, even slight changes in reputation can mean the difference between unbelievable success and swift defeat.

Customer experience is everything. You can control aspects such as customer service, added value, amenities, dining and attractions to develop an environment which exceeds your customers’ needs for rest, relaxation, and fun. However, there are a number of things such as weather and accidents which can disrupt the customer experience. Despite being completely out of your control, these elements can often leave a poor impression of your business in the minds of consumers which can prevent them from doing business with you. In addition, their personal opinion about these matters can often become fact as it travels through their social network and the internet, having a profound effect on your bottom line.

At ALL CLEAR, we know that time is of the essence and top quality finish is a necessity. We have been working with businesses just like yours through fires, hurricanes, floods and just about anything else that would keep you up at night. We offer our hospitality customers a true one-call solution for both emergency and non-urgent needs including a full compliment of cleaning and property maintenance services. You need a company that understands the fragility of your industry and gets you operational without delay. ALL CLEAR RESTORATION is your PARTNER IN DISASTER RECOVERY and we guarantee results that you can rely on when you need it most.

Catastrophes Hurricanes & Tornadoes 

Sometimes Mother Nature can unleash her fury at a magnitude that affects an entire city, or even the entire country. During these circumstances, you want to call a company who is equipped, prepared and experienced.

Property throughout a wide geographic area can be simultaneously inundated with extensive damage, resulting in the immediate demand for a vast variety of equipment.

ALL CLEAR has one of the largest fleets of remediation equipment in North America. It can be immediately mobilized via our on-site, mobile command centers. 

We are capable of deploying thousands of devices that can reach you within hours. We have a proven history of mitigating catastrophic losses throughout North America including hurricanes and tornadoes. Our team was on-site to help during Hurricane Katrina, and we will be there for you should the need arise.

Fire Restoration

Fire destroys structural components, contents, personal items, and irreplaceable mementos. Quite often it is the airborne particulates and other matter you can’t even see that cause the majority of the damage. At ALL CLEAR, we understand the significance of salvaging all of your property wherever possible. That’s why calling us ensures the maximum amount of recovery.

What happens in the first moments of your project can make the difference between loss and recovery. That is why you need a firm that has the experience to identify and execute the most effective mitigation procedures.

ALL CLEAR has a proven history of success with fire loss. From the simplest of jobs to multi-million dollar commercial projects, our team has the professionalism to understand that you can’t get enough insurance coverage to recover sentimental value and the true loss of your business’s down-time. Our vast fleet of state-of-the-art equipment and experience provides you with the highest level of restorative results.

Environmental Remediation

Our delicate environment is constantly assaulted by the contaminating forces of both man and Mother Nature.  Often companies are responsible for the distribution and haulage of hazardous materials. Although conceptually simple, accidents beyond your control occur. These situations require professional and experienced remediation services.

ALL CLEAR provides the experience necessary to contain the contaminates and return the environment as close as possible to its pre-loss condition quickly.

From oil spills to microbial infestations and trauma scenes, ALL CLEAR is equipped to deal with your environmentally sensitive projects. With the right equipment, even the most sensitive environments, such as small bodies of water can be mitigated.

ALL CLEAR has not only the equipment but the experience to handle the situation. We work in conjunction with recognized environmental engineering firms to ensure that environmental compliance is exercised.

Flood & Water Restoration

ALL CLEAR provides specialty mitigation services for water damaged structures. Our team utilizes the industry’s most advanced drying techniques. Additionally, we have our own private water damage course that is taught in-house to ALL CLEAR employees at our two story flood house.

We provide building dehumidification and climate control services across North America and have strategically positioned our specialty drying equipment across the continent to serve you better.

Providing services to commercial, industrial, institutional, government, public and private structures, our quality and workmanship are second-to-none with rates that are guaranteed to be the best.

The expression, “time is of the essence”, could not be applied more accurately than with water damage. The longer the wait the more secondary damage is caused. One call could save you thousands of dollars in the mitigation process.

Contents Restoration

ALL CLEAR knows that rebuilding a structure is only half of the story. Any building can be easily rebuilt after a disaster. Often, the most painful part of a property loss has more to do with damage to contents.

In a residential loss, people are left with a feeling of distress over the loss of their hard-earned possessions, and even more as they settle into the feeling that all of their family memories and keepsakes have evaporated right before their eyes.

For commercial and industrial losses, seeing contents which represent hard work and passion destroyed can lead to hopelessness, depression and uncertainty for both employees and owners of those businesses. This can result in poor morale as people consider the instability of their futures and sometimes a complete failure of the company as productivity drops and employees leave to find other avenues to earn an income.

From basic cleaning, to electronics recovery, ultrasonic cleaning and freeze drying, ALL CLEAR has the in-house services, equipment and experience to ensure that any contents which can be recovered are recovered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By focusing on quality and timeliness in content recovery we help to alleviate the stress of property owners and get personal and work life back to normal.

Document Restoration

Information is power. Without access to your company’s records and documents, you could find yourself out of business.

ALL CLEAR delivers world-class document restoration quickly and accurately to get you back in operation as soon as possible. Time is money. Whether it’s a simple drying of a filing cabinet or an entire storage room needing to be completely reproduced, our professional team has the experience to get it done quickly and cost effectively.

Privacy is always a concern. Your business documents can contain information that others have provided in confidence, as well as sensitive strategic information about your business. ALL CLEAR takes the utmost care to ensure all of your documents are securely protected throughout the restoration process.

Document restoration and reproduction can be processed on-site or moved to one of our off-site facilities, pending the document type or condition. 

It’s not just some piles of old files, it’s the lifeblood of your company. We understand this better than anyone and we will bring your documents back to life again.

Insurance Industry Services 

Finding a dependable service provider can be as difficult as adjusting the loss itself. For over four decades, ALL CLEAR has established and maintained successful relationships with multiple carriers. Through time and dedication we have established the trust and complete confidence of our insurance clients.

ALL CLEAR wants to work with you. We can establish a fair, consensual pricing schedule and costing agreement that eliminates both conflict and discrepancies. We guarantee the lowest pricing while maintaining the highest standards.

We are prepared for dispatch 24/7, 365 days a year so you can ensure your customers are getting the best service available anytime, anywhere. Our experienced teams have received industry leading training in all types of losses, regardless of magnitude, cause, materials or incidentals.

The ALL CLEAR team consists of an integrated force of master carpenters, painters, drywall installers and certified cleaning and restoration technicians. You can depend on all the services that ALL CLEAR provides. We are confident that once you call us it will be the only call you will ever have to make!

Corporate Accounts

ALL CLEAR is highly flexible and will develop a customized plan and account to meet your specific needs.

Our highly experienced team can work with you to determine your needs and wants, and upon completion, write a plan of action for your next emergency. An emergency plan will expedite your mitigation process and ensure business interruption is kept to a minimum.

We work to ensure that we offer the best corporate pricing and lowest rates while maintaining the highest level of service and quality through the life of your project.

ALL CLEAR commands one of North America’s largest fleets of equipment. We do this for one specific reason, during a catastrophic situation, ALL CLEAR can simultaneously service several million square feet within many types of buildings without putting priority on one customer over another.

The Right Partner when,
business is on the line